Boring But Critical...Electrical Outlets

Post date: Apr 16, 2018 4:07:01 PM

Some things seem simple or minor, but actually play an important role in the overall success of a rooms form and function. And electrical outlets are one of those things.

When designing your new dream kitchen you start by thinking of cabinets and counter tops and appliances.

Maybe you move on to the flooring material. You think of the perfect work triangle, traffic patterns, and family and entertaining space. But when do you think of the electrical outlets? Well, you better do it pretty early! They need to be thought about by the time the electrician comes to do the initial wiring, especially if you want to avoid that big mistake of oddly placed recepticals. And frankly, there is a lot to think about when it comes to outlets...more than might come to mind immediately.

Lets start with the big issue - Code. Working with a professional will ensure you avoid any code violations when it comes to type, placement, and quantity of electric outlets. Electric code is there for your safety, and you can’t properly permit a project without code compliance. This part of the topic is the no-brainer. You have to pass inspection. When remodeling an older home, oftentimes you have to bring old wiring up to current code standards, including the inclusion of GFI outlets.

Now that you have the all of the code restrictions and requirements figured out, you can look at placement in terms of how it will work within the design elements. Will there be outlets required in a tile back splash? Will an outlet be an eyesore if installed on the side of an island?

Thinking about the design of the kitchen ahead of time, you are able to work with the placement, color of the device and cover plates to achieve a look that fits within the overall design and doesn't look like an after thought.

Now, you need to consider your use of small appliances. Will you always have a coffee maker or toaster on your countertops? If so, ask yourself where on the counter you will keep these appliances and make sure that there is an outlet placed nearby or preferably directly behind the appliance. With the proliferation of electrical countertop appliances in use in today's kitchens - Instant pots, crock pots, blenders, stand mixers, air fryers - it is more important than ever to have enough outlets available at any one time.

Luckily there are some great new devices available to help with the function and aesthetics of your kitchen’s electrical plan. Consider one of these options in your new kitchen: under cabinet plug strip, countertop mounted pop up outlets, USB outlets, and inside drawer outlets and/or charging stations.

Design it. Build it. Love it.