Our Process

Our Repair Services Process

Our Home Repair Process

We are attentive

At Pellatt, we believe the only way to truly understand is to “hear” you when you tell us what you want to accomplish. Hearing your needs and wants is where our home repair, maintenance or installation services work begins. For less than one day duration projects, our knowledgeable phone advisor will establish a range for your projects duration and budget, and schedule an artisan to carry out and complete the work. For projects with longer durations (Will take longer than one working day to complete), a Pellatt advisor will visit you at your home to assess the nature of your project and estimate its duration and budget.

We are professional home repair services

When considering Pellatt for your home repair, maintenance, installation projects you can rest assured that it will be done right. Our artisans are skillful and educated home repair professionals who fully understand the importance of treating you and your home respectfully.

Did we mention value? How about an industry leading warranty!

We often use the term value when referring to our services. That’s because we understand you want an expert, knowledgeable, friendly and reliable artisan to show up and complete your project on schedule. And you want a professional who stands by their work. That’s why we believe and you’ve told us you agree, there’s great value in a 5-year warranty on labor for doors and windows plus a 2-year labor warranty on all interior and exterior projects.