Eight Top Reasons for Remodeling Your Kitchen...In No Particular Order!

Post date: Jul 26, 2017 9:54:00 PM

A lot of thought must go into the big decision to remodel your kitchen, and everybody gets to the decision in their own way. Lets examine eight of the reasons most commonly cited as why they are remodeling.

There are many reasons to remodel a kitchen, every one unique to the home and homeowner involved. There is no right or wrong reason; or no reason better than the next. It just depends on the situation at hand. There are, however, some more common reasons people choose to invest in remodeling their kitchen – whether it is a minor kitchen remodel or a major kitchen make-over.

For clarification, a minor kitchen remodel generally involves leaving the footprint of the kitchen in place by not expanding the square footage or moving sinks and appliances around, replacing cabinet door and drawer fronts but leaving the boxes in place, also possibly replacing the countertop and flooring and maybe changing out appliances for new higher-efficiency models. One can expect a minor kitchen remodel to run in the neighborhood of $20,000, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 Cost Vs. Value Study.

A major kitchen remodel, on the other hand, is defined as replacing 30+ linear feet of new custom cabinets, new stone countertops and glass backsplash; built in refrigerator, high grade stove and oven and vent hood along with high-end fixtures and custom lighting. There may be a new room configuration and plumbing and electrical changes. The 2017 Cost vs Value Study puts this between $62,000 for a mid-range quality finish and $123,000 for an Upscale finish.

So, why do people make the decision to invest in remodeling their kitchens? It is expensive, it takes a lot of effort to find a quality contractor, the project can take a long time, it is a messy job, and it can be very stressful for the whole family – why put yourself through it? Well, there are some pretty strong and consistent motivators. Lets look at the top 8.

Eight Reasons People Remodel their Kitchen:

1. Old,Tired, and Falling Apart. The current kitchen is falling apart. The home may be old and simply outlived its expected lifespan. The doors maybe falling off the cabinets, the old linoleum is cracking, the Formica is pealing, the Harvest Gold appliances have lost their luster…the room just doesn’t lend itself to an enjoyable cooking and dining experience.

2. Out of Date. The kitchen may be in immaculate condition, everything is well maintained and functions well…but the Harvest Gold appliances have still lost their luster! The kitchen is still in the 1970s but you and your family live in the here and now and you want a kitchen that reflects that fact. Its time your kitchen caught up with the times!

3. Family Lifestyle. The current kitchen layout just doesn’t work with the way your family operates. Your family likes to hang out in the kitchen together so you need a breakfast bar for quick informal meals instead of always having to go to the formal dining room. Or maybe you need an island for the kids to do homework at while you prepare dinner. Whatever the motivation, the current design just doesn’t jive with the way you and your family like to use a kitchen.

4. Value. Some homeowners remodel their kitchens with the intent of raising the value of their home – especially if they intend to put the home on the market in the near future. They believe that an updated and attractive kitchen will appeal to more potential buyers. This is where the difference between a minor or major remodel is important to understand – as you will most likely not recoup all of the investment with either but you may get the same effect of generating positive buyer reaction with the minor remodel versus the major remodel and lose less money in the transaction.

5. Energy Efficiency. For some people with strong conservation tendencies and a keen desire to reduce their personal use of non-renewable energy, energy efficiency measures in a new kitchen is enough to get them to commit to a remodel. Adding skylights and windows that allow in more natural light, thereby reducing their need for artificial light, is an attractive design element. Changing out old energy hog appliances for the new energy-efficient appliances and solar water heaters help cut utility bills and place less stress on the environment.

6. Special Needs. Sometimes a kitchen needs to be redesigned and remodeled to make the room more accessible to someone in the family who has become disabled and requires the use of a wheel chair or walker, or can no longer reach high cupboards. Remodeling a kitchen can make it Universally accessible to the physically impaired, the elderly, or anyone who just needs things a little bit easier to maneuver.

7. Gourmet Kitchen. The ever-popular gourmet kitchen! For someone who loves to cook and entertain, they constantly envision their “dream kitchen” -- the kitchen that allows them to whip out the fancy dishes to serve at their lavish dinner parties. This gourmet kitchen will feature higher-end amenities and possibly professional grade appliances. This kitchen will accommodate all of the needs of the true cook and baker.

8. Change. Sometimes you just need to change things up! You might just be tired of the old cabinets and flooring. The old countertop and backsplash make you yawn. You’ve watched enough HGTV to know there is more out there than you have in your kitchen! Also, maybe you’ve been making changes throughout the rest of your home and now the kitchen looks a little sad next to the other rooms. Either way, you just know you need something new in your like and you know it is in the kitchen!

Are you considering redoing your kitchen? Is your motivator on this list of eight reasons? If you have a different reason, I’d love to hear from you and talk about what makes you want a new kitchen and see what we can do to help you perk up, spruce up, overhaul, or transform the heart of your home.