Window Materials

Selecting the best quality/value window materials

There’s no question installing new windows will increase the worth and strengthen the look of your home.

But what’s the best value? Well, many of today's windows offer exceptional energy efficiency and good value. So, value to you will depend on your taste and your budget.

We'll go through the benefits of each window material and you can decide the importance, worth, and usefulness of each window material. Then give us a call or schedule Pellatt and we will get to work on your new window project.

Wood window material

Wood has the “original” claim when it comes to windows. It also looks great and usually matches well with the surrounding wood trim. But you pay for that special look and warm feel wood windows give you in maintenance. If you keep up with the maintenance, quality wood windows should last a long time and the look can't quite be match by the other materials.

Fiberglass window material

Fiberglass might be the perfect building material for windows. It’s durable, strong, stable, low-maintenance and efficient. The fiberglass sash and window glass move at the same rate, reducing the

wear and tear on thermal seals. If you love the idea of fiberglass windows but, cannot give up the wood interior, your in luck. Some manufactures combine the materials to give you the best of both. Fiberglass windows offer outstanding value for your window investment.

Vinyl window material

Vinyl windows will never rot or require repainting. Cost wise, vinyl might be the most effective option for you. Aesthetically, they do not have a traditional look but, some manufactures offer an interior woodgrain look that will closely match many interior trims.