Home Remodeling Tips

Post date: Feb 14, 2017 3:42:21 PM

You may have already visualized your dream home remodel, now you're just ready to make your dream a reality. Before you start your remodel, there are several key things that you should be aware of. You don't want to start your remodel, only to find out that your project can't be completed within your desired time frame.

About.com has provided some great information that you should know before you begin your remodel project.

Create Sketches of your Ideas

Take your ideas from your mind and put them on paper. Before you contact a designer, you should sketch plans of the different remodel ideas that you have. Whether you are expanding a room or adding an additional room, create a floor plan that visualizes how you will utilize the space. Always consider how the remodel will affect the overall design of your house. Remodels should always enhance your home. You can purchase home design software to help you create drawings of your remodel ideas.

Think About the Future

Before you remodel, consider the future intent of your house. Do you foresee yourself moving, are you going to sell your house, will your family size decrease? These are important questions that you should ask yourself. You don't want to expand your home and overvalue it, compared to neighboring housing, nor do you want to decrease the value of your home.

Know Your Budget

Get It In Writing

Before any work begins on your remodel, be sure to get a written contract from your Design/Build Contractor. This will protect you from any potential mishaps and will save you time in the future. Make sure that both you and the designer agree on the terms of your contract, such as cost, work schedule, and the time frame to complete your project.

Permission to Build

If you are making structural changes to your home, be sure to get a building permit from your local regulating officials. Be sure you know the standard codes and safety regulations that you have to follow. A knowlegable contractor will be able to take care of all of that for you and relieve you of the burden of know when, where and how.


Design It. Build It. Love it.

Designing, building, and creating the rooms you’ve always wanted...in the home you already have.

No matter how small or grand your idea is, your remodel should be able to fit into your budget. Even if you create a set budget, understand that remodels can sometimes go over budget for various reasons.

Choosing Your Designers

If you decide against a self-remodel, knowing how to decide on a designer can be very helpful. Make sure that any and all designers you choose are licensed and qualified to do your remodel. They should also be insured, in the event that any accidents occur. Better yet, find a quality design/build contractor and keep your project all under one roof and enjoy extra efficiency and cost-saving benefits.