Window Type Options

When it comes to picking a window type, you can get pretty creative. There are window manufacturers who will build you any shape or size window you want. However, the style of your home should help you decide the style window you want us to install. The following are the most common window layouts.

Glider windows

If contemporary styling and a modern, streamlined look is what you’re looking for, then the glider window might be just the ticket. It has all the space saving features of the double-hung window plus, easy operation with just one hand.

Picture Window

Do you have a lovely outdoor view that you would like to highlight? Is as much natural light as you can get indoors a must? Then lets take a look at some picture window configuration for your home. Were not talking about your father’s picture window here. Todays picture windows can also be a source of fresh air, which sounds like an oxymoron because dad’s picture window was defined as “fixed”. Take a look at this video:

Casement windows

In our area, the casement window has a hinged sash that is cranked outward comprising either a side-hung, top-hung (also called "awning window"), or a combination of these types, sometimes with fixed panels on one or more sides of the sash. The crank style of operation works well where you might have to reach to open the window, like over a kitchen sink or behind an appliance. These windows can be mulled horizontally and vertically. Combining different sizes and configurations can create dramatic effects. Architecturally, this manner of window fits most ranch style homes. They compliment modern, art deco, prairie and craftsman style homes well. When you want to direct the flow of air into the interior space, a side hinged casement window is the answer. On the other hand, or hinge, so to speak, a top hinged casement window (awning) will allow ventilation while shielding the interior from moisture in the form of rain.

Double-hung windows

A double-hung window is the early american’s style of window brought over from the United Kingdom. Therefore, if your house is a Georgian style double-hung windows might be the perfect fit. The double-hungs benefits don’t stop there, they are the perfect design when you don’t have the space to swing a window out. Say, when a walkway is close or a deck is attached to the house. The double-hung window also has safety advantages for youngsters. You open the top sash while the bottom is closed and get that comforting feeling from the cool breeze and that extra measure of safety with a secured lower sash. We haven't even mentioned the ease in which the double-hung window can be cleaned. Lets talk and we’ll fill you in.

Single-hung windows

If you're double-hung window budget is tight, you may want to take a look at a single-hung window. You get the same look at a lower price.

Bay & bow windows

Capturing light from three angles might not be on the top of your list of must haves when you are thinking about window replacement. But ask a gardener or plant lover about capturing natural light indoors and they will tell you about the benefits of three angles of light. Customarily, bay windows are made from three windows: a large picture window flanked by smaller windows on the sides that are set at an angle. However, today you can have them made out of any number of windows, and placed at nearly any angle you can imagine. We’ve installed bay windows with operable casements above kitchen sinks and in living and family rooms. But don’t let that stop you from having us install a bay or bow window anywhere you want. ...The bedroom would be a great place for one!