What You Did With Your $25,000.00

In a previous post, we asked what you would do if you had 25K to spend on your home right now. And the hands down winner is : Kitchen! Not surprising. This is the area in which we spend the most time, and it takes a lot of wear and tear.

You've heard the old expression, "The kitchen is the heart of the home", which is still around because it is true. We make food to nurture our family. We make some of life's most important decisions there, and when we entertain, no matter how great our family room may be, everyone ends up in the kitchen!

If you've been ruminating about all the things you dislike about your kitchen, we have an idea for you. Instead of letting those things roll around in your head while you are trying to make dinner and don't have enough counter space, or digging out supplies from the back of that cabinet that drives you crazy, try this.

Start a road-map to your new kitchen. I would take one of those magnetic notepads, put it on the refrigerator, put a pen next to it, and every time you find yourself thinking, "I wish I had" or "I can't stand the way I have to...." write it down on the pad, and encourage other family members to do the same. People use spaces in different ways, and may have a different insight. There can also be positives on this list, like, "I love the window over the sink, and would like it bigger"

Soon, you will have a list of ideas and suggestions that will form the basis for the "Design" in Design/Build. This is where we come in. You have spent time working in the space and have created a list of the things that are most important to you, and you will be able to articulate them in a manner that will help the design of your new space evolve, rather than just starting at "I need a new kitchen". With our experience, we may be able to show you some ways to achieve those goals you may not see looking at the space as it is now. You wouldn't start a trip without mapping it out, so let us help you start your journey.