Is There Anything Better Than a New Kitchen?

Post date: May 17, 2017 8:54:00 PM

It’s Time for Your New Kitchen!

You finally decided it’s time to update your kitchen. Maybe the space is dysfunctional or its just outdated and tired. The layout could need a complete overhaul, maybe a cramped space needs better function, or tired materials just need to be modernized and refreshed. Its time to look for inspiration! There are many places on the internet to find the spark…Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram. Or go check out some Parade of Homes and see what is being displayed in homes in your area. You just need to find what really stirs you and gets your juices flowing! Then, you have some important things to consider for your new kitchen design.

How does your kitchen function?

This is the most important thing you will need to clearly understand in your planning. Does the existing layout of the appliances provide a good working triangle with sufficient countertop space for food preparation - or would a new layout be more conducive to your personal cooking style? How about your current appliances – are they in line with your cooking and baking needs or should they be replaced? If you are a gourmet chef, professional grade appliances might be a more suitable option. For a large family the emphasis might be more on food storage, counter and eating space. Couples and families who entertai

n a lot may be looking for kitchens that allow for great people flow through the room, because we all know that everyone loves to congregate in the kitchen!

What is your personal design style?

You will be working with a designer to help create a space that meets your design style and incorporates perfectly into the available space. By collecting photos of spaces that inspire you, swatches of colors you love, you can give insight to your designer. A good designer can then help translate your ideas into a new design that meets your personality, your function needs, and your personal style. If you are inspired by the sea, a beautiful aquamarine back-splash could be the cherry on your kitchen sundae.

If you are a busy working couple with lots of demands on your time, maybe ease of maintenance and long terms function are equally important as beauty in your design. A beautiful quartz counter-top may be exactly what’s needed to achieve that goal. The ideas can be combined to create a new kitchen that defines your aesthetic.

What Design/Build firm to work with?

Committing to a contractor is no small decision. There is a lot at stake. With many contractors and the various options to go over, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Remodeling a kitchen is a large task with many moving pieces, and working with a professional ultimately provides the best outcome. But that comes from picking the right contractor. You want to find out how long have they been in business, do they have the right skill set in design and selection assistance, are they fully licensed and insured? In a room that is the heart and soul of your home, where you spend so much of your quality time, and you are planning to invest some significant money, choosing the right company can truly make a difference in the outcome. Working with experienced individuals will make all the difference in how the process goes and in your personal satisfaction in your newly remodeled kitchen.

Like most things, doing the work up front pays dividends in the end!