Labor Warranty

The choice is easy when you find a company that backs up its labor with a firm home repair warranty. Pellatt is devoted to a one of kind advisory process that, first listens to you to find your needs and wants. Then offers possible solutions. We do this while being mindful of your need to go through the process at your own rate. When your home is in the care of professionals you have a feeling of calmness knowing that it is well-cared for and in good repair. Pellatt understands the importance of “Home” to you. It is more than a place, it’s a feeling. It is also important to you financially. We demonstrate our understanding by offering our warranty on labor. Repairing and maintaining your home is our privilege, a privilege we've enjoyed for more than 27 years.

Doors and Windows Warranty

Pellatt only represents door and window products that deliver the benefits you desire.

Every door or window we install is backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty on labor.

Interior & Exterior Repair Warranty

Whether it’s Interior or Exterior Repairs, Pellatt’s got you double covered with two years of warranty coverage. We are prepared for the unanticipated and want to assure you it gets resolved. It’s just how we roll.

To get all the particulars of our Home Repair Warranty, give one of our Advisors or Artisans a call. Or send them an email or text!